Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

more health-services things

Just got off phone with Jim from Social Security. Have officially applied for Disability, SSI, and whatever medical program it is they give to younger people. (Is it still Medicare? I don't know.) Either way, next week I should receive some paperwork in the mail, some of which I keep and some of which I send back. Then it will be three to five months until I get an official reply, during which period sweetbastet and I may receive forms to fill out describing what I am or am not able to do (how disabled I am).

Once I get those initial things in the mail, though, I can go back to Social Services with proof that I've applied for Disability, and all the other paperwork I've collected, to see about getting benefits through them. I have the 402B Disability Incapacitation form signed by a doctor from JAI Medical Centers which states that I require a year of assistance. Hopefully, the way things are going, I should start receiving benefits in May, after I've received my last unemployment check later this month. We'll see how things go once I visit them next week, after the mail's arrived. In the meantime.. I guess I actually get to relax for a few days as I wait, and go visit with some friends this weekend.
Tags: health, life, lyme disease

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