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Idle thoughts

"SusaEmber: I don't know what -YOU- have learned about being someone's girlfriend....but I damn well don't believe I have the right to squeeze anything into him based on ANYONE else's judgement. I don't try to change people, maybe that's what you like to do. I'd like you to kindly stay OUT of my relationship and don't try to get to him through me simply because you don't have the figuratively speaking 'balls' to do it yourself ::blocks::"

This taken from a friend's journal entry. Indeed. Perhaps you don't "squeeze" anything into people based on the judgment of others. You simply do your damnedest to change them to your will. Hmph. What in Hell is wrong with you? Or perhaps I've just answered my own question. You "don't try to change people"? Bull. That is one of the biggest loads of crap you have ever uttered.

The entire time I've known you...it's always been about you. And there were those fleeting moments, when saw someone so beautiful, deep inside you. And while at times, I can be sympathetic. I can understand your point of view. But yet, not even you can do that. You don't even understand yourself, you're so deeply buried. And, again, while I can be sympathetic; It is your choice to run, your choice to hide, and your damnable choice to hurt everyone you've ever known, with your complete lack of empathy, and entirely self-centered ways.

I don't believe you will ever truly realize just how disgusted I am, how sick, how much it turns my stomach--has even thrown me into convulsion--to know that there exists a person such as you. I'd ask that you kindly take your hand out of my life, out of the lives of my friends, and while your at it, out of your's and everyone else's pants. Better yet, just get out of everyone's lives all together. Because all you do is create pain. And you don't even f***ing care. I never knew anyone could be that self-centered. But then, there you are...

I currently have no hope that you will ever truly care, even in the slightest for another being. You arrogant, manipulative, abusive, f***ing w****. Singer of Lies, thou art.

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