Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

"Gripe" Ritual

In response to my own minor gripe with a silly ritual on the Wizards of the Coast D&D forums, the topic of which was "Minor Ritual Gripe," and to user Aethelas who thought it was going to be a humorous thread involving a minor ritual called "Gripe."

In reply to his note and to better make fun of my nitpicking minor parts of the game which are not as neatly designed as others, I decided to make something silly.

Complaining about inane topics is your way of garnering attention to distract would-be rivals from more pressing issues.

Level: 1Component Cost: 20 gp
Category: WardingMarket Price: 50 gp
Time: 10 minutesKey Skill: Bluff
Duration: 1 hour

You pace around the room or court where you're holding a conversation with someone whose social position is antithetical to your own.  Launching into a personal diatribe full of convincing, or at least distracting, rhetoric, you throw your arms about you in wild gestures to emphasize your points.
      The 20 gp component cost for this ritual covers any props necessary to help convey your judgment, whether you truly believe your own arguments or are feigning a stance that's useful to you at the time.  Your Bluff check, with a +5 bonus, sets the DC for Insight or Perception checks to see past your ruse or to notice actions being taken by your allies, who can make Stealth checks to become hidden at the end of the 10 minute casting time.
Tags: d&d, games, silliness

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