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I'm waaaaiting..

Today is the day.. I get my answer. Whether or not I'll be moving in with J. If it's a yes, I'll get right to packing up everything, and I'll be down in Florida in a few days. That's right! I'll be a thousand miles away in a few days, and not just for a short visit. This'll be the first time living away from my family.. and the third home I've ever lived in. So I'll have much to do.. closing out bank accounts so I can start new ones down there. Packing up all the things I'll need when I'm down there. Burning copies of the data on this computer, throwing away lots of old stuff.. saying good bye to my whole life so far... all my past up to this point..

It's alot. It's a big step for me, and I'm going to miss some people, however rarely I may see or speak to them.. It'll be alot more rare real soon, more than likely. Though I'll try and keep in contact with anyone who wants it as much as I can.

My first real event aside from the move will be to attend the KinSouth gather, held by Spearcarrier (aka Kat, aka Blue). It's an everybody-welcome gather for the south-east, held in Jacksonville (official dates, 18-20 of October--more if you pay for the extra days), but from the feel I've gotten, it will have a slightly angelic focus.

Aside from that.. I'll be trying to make sure I have an income. Which seems to be looking up as well, since the place where my friend works is looking to get rid of an employee. ::grins:: So we'll see.. I intend to try my best, and at least I have some money saved up so I can last a few months.. It will be good to be with some other friends down there.

It looks like what I'll be doing is taking a flight to Orlando, though we still have to work out my transportation from there to DeLand. If I'd only had the personal transportation, I'd have loved to make a road trip out of it.. but ah well. Sometimes things just don't work out that way. I still feel completely positive about the move. And with how things should settle down there, I feel, there should be time for other trips.. ::grin:: I do hope to go to WTT6, and possibly even Kin North.. all depending on certain factors... ( you know who you are.. ::chuckle:: )

Well, so that's the update.. I'd love to see anybody and everybody I can before I go. Or anybody in Florida when I get there.. ::grin:: That would be nice.. but of course I'll have some work ahead of me. So at this point, I have but to continue waiting for that phone call..

more to come...

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