Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Hot Topic's Policy of Theft

The "Stole Your Soul Camera Pin" and "I Don't Fit In Puzzle Piece Pin" being sold on Hot Topic's Web site as of this writing are not the intellectual property of Hot Topic or any of their affiliates; they belong to Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not.

This is the second instance in as many days of unlicensed art being confiscated to create products sold on Hot Topic's Web site. Yesterday it was Pierce the Veil's "Zombie Love Tee," which was a modified version of this image recolored and covered in stitches to appear as kissing zombies. That T-shirt has been removed, but you can still see a thumbnail image of it in Google's cache as of this writing.

There seems to have been a rash of artistic plagiarism recently, as Hidden Eloise also recently had her artwork nabbed by an unnamed company that modified and sold it to Paperchase, which used it on books, bags, and other products they sell. In that case, no formal investigation was done: Paperchase simply asked their unnamed affiliate if they stole it; people at the company, of course, said "No"; and Paperchase proceeded to create more products using the design.

It would be awfully nice if artists could get some respect for their work, rather than be robbed blind and have their legitimate complaints largely ignored.

In a potentially unrelated note, I was unable to post this to Facebook because Facebook claims that it contains content some users have deemed offensive.
Tags: art, plagiarism, theft

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