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Thinking back, I can recall a time where I did refuse to consent to someone's starting of a relationship with another.. an online relationship only. I suppose that this incident could be what was taken as seed for the heavily exaggerated argument that I was oppressing them and refusing to allow them to be themselves, or date other people..

This is not truly the case, however.. not the 'whole story'. I can not precisely recall the exact mind set I was in at the moment, but I do remember my motives--the smaller of which being that they had promised that our relationship was to be exclusive.. but the more important being that our relationship was failing, and this person refused to put any effort into working out issues. I certainly did not feel it fair for a new relationship to be born there, when attention should have been put towards resolving some issues at hand. So of course I would not consent..

Since then, this person has decided to express the notion that I 'absolutely refused' to let them go out with anyone else, and that I had said something to the effect of 'the only reason I allow you to date (so-and-so) is because you were going out wit them first'..

This, also, is not the case. I have no control over other people, nor do I wish to. After all, if you're controlling someone, then you are not in fact with another person, but merely a reflection of yourself. What I had expressed was I did not see an issues with the other relationship, for the reasons at hand.. including that it was before my own, and in that sense, I believed had a sense of priority to it.. but also for various other reasons, basically concluding in that it didn't interfere with our own issues at all.

I could see it possible that between conveyances of such heated emotions, these things do not always find themselves expressed properly.. However, to completely contort what was expressed is a much different issue...

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