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Updated journal layout again.. it was time. I was starting to really not like the feel of disjointed after a while.. It was interesting, but.. dry. And it didn't allow for showing people's avatars on the Friends page, which I really didn't like.. one thing I love about communities like this, is admiring the diversity. And you can't really do that when everyone's posts looks almost identical.

Much better, this way.. =D

Ya know, I've also noticed that I often tend to.. I dunno, take on whole different personas when I post to my journal.. I mean, I've always had a pretty shifty personality (I refuse to consider myself a multiple! I just have strong mood swings..), but it can get a bit ridiculous.. Seems like there's just something about LJ that shifts my moods. Probably has something to do with all the posts made to it.. lots of feelings go into places like these, and I guess I'm just emping off of them. Well, I'm gonna try better to just be as me as possible, and not let the other stuff effect me as much. Of course.. well, we'll see. I'll work out something, I'm sure.. some way of channeling all those feelings/thoughts and emotions..

Here's to me working on being me instead of just a composite of other people. =D

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