December 9th, 2001



I'm tired.. Lots of odd little things've been going on.. kinda.. But right now, I'm just tired...

Des started being nice to me.. Then unblocked me simply to wish me happy holidays, blocking me again.. then unblocked me again today, but didn't want to talk.. meh. I'm not worrying about it, just a little confused.

I really don't think I'm going to be going out with this Heather person.. Aside from the obvious reasons, she said she just got out of a four-year relationship.. Explained that during the first year/year and a half, she fooled around a lot, cheated.. But stopped at that point. Yet the first time I heard about her, was because she kissed Chris... Put a crimp in his relationship with Robyn. Luckily they worked that out.. Seems Heather misunderstood the kind of relationship they had. And I could see yeah, maybe she was already having trouble with her relationship, but I still can't condone that kind of thing.. In the least, I certainly don't need to be worrying about that kind of thing when I go out with someone. Bad enough Des has done nothing but show me she's untrustworthy the entire time I've known her.. I've become rather the skeptic now. I don't need a relationship where I have to worry about things...

..On another note.. I seem to be developing an odd sort of attachment to a good friend of mine. Oh, I've always had an attachment to the person. But it seems to be changing lately.. or growing perhaps. And I guess that's all I'll say...
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For the record..

Version 1.4.7-beta of the LiveJournal client program is a vast improvement. Not in extra options or anything. But in its speed and reliability in accessing the server. I highly recommend it!   o.o   LJ147b
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