December 11th, 2001



Lots of them, really. Y'know, whenever something comes up with a certain person I know, whenever I get that slightest millimeter closer again, I always end up coming away more disgusted than the last time...

Back down to six, ain't it great? You know what that calls for...don't you....Bath time, and I ain't comin out 'til either I'm declared the world's largest living prune or I'm dead. See ya in a week.

So, okay I'm back and healthy. Great for me, right? Yeah now check this out. Everyone I love is at least 2 hours away and I'm not gettin ass anytime soon. Sounds great for the 3-year reigning Nymph Queen, doesn't it. So I'll sit here, and be a huge Hentai. Maybe I'll hit on Heero, that seems to get me knocked out a lot ::laughs:: Baka. Anywho, I'm done my profilic rant for now. ::bows::
(( and peeeooop to christine))

Fmeh... I don't know why I bother to keep looking.. Sheer Infancy...
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Yes, I am a sucker. Pah. Oh well. Yes, that's why I keep torturing myself. Pah. Oh well. Yes, Des and I seem to be on speaking terms, for now. Pah. Oh well. ::blink:: Well, anyway.. I think at this point, we'll be okay as long as we keep it to simple s***. Our relationship is pretty much secluded to the lab we work at, and the role playing room we both attend. Well, I run, and she shows up in now and then..

Yeah, an IM or two will be exchanged now and then. But nothing important. Just exchanging images, links, etc.. You're standard, meaningless online friendship.   -.-   Well, anyway.. She still makes me sick. Not with what she says to me, thankfully, she doesn't say much. No, but I have to go and keep checking her Info and seeing the stupidity there. Or in her Away messages. Or the occasional things I hear from people, or actually see her post in the room, in her tag lines, yada yada..
Yeah, she's still bloody infantile, and it's sickening, maddening, and I still get the shakes every now and then. But, so long as we aren't enemies, so long as we can get along face to face.. that will be fine with me, for now.

But I still hope she can bloody well learn a thing or two..
Because if she doesn't, she'll one day have nothing left...
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