October 4th, 2002


oh, and..

I made a blog. Up to 100 people can be granted access to it. If you're interested, drop me a note (here, in e-mail, on a messenger--whatever works). All you have to do is register with Blogger, which is as simple as entering a username and password. When you drop me a note somewhere, I'll add you to the invite list, which will send you an e-mail invitation. Just click the link in it, and if you're logged into Blogger, it will simply bring you to a screen with "Yes" and "No" buttons. Click "Yes," and it will take you to the posting screen, where you can type anything you want, click "Post & Publish," and it will show up on my blog.

I plan on letting pretty much anyone who asks join. Adding without question, but removing based on behavior. (Obviously, I don't want to waste my website space by allowing some jerks I don't know to post to it. So people may be removed based on content--but for the most part, I don't expect that to happen.)

Sorry if I seem so drab. Feeling tired for some reason. Which is odd, since I haven't been up as long as I have been lately. But, then again there are a few things that, together, have worn on me. Feelin' fine, just tired. And thankfully, not in the old way that I used to get tired, with a capital T. So I'm happy about that much at least.
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