October 6th, 2002


eh, why not..

01. Time you start: 10:42 AM
02. Full Name: Which one..?
03. Nicknames: Krusis/Kru, for the most part
04. Screen names: aekiy
05. Pet(s): Cat; Faustamoose, son of Athena =D
07. GPA: Not in any schooling, currently. Used to have 3.5 or above, when I cared.
08. Sex: Who, where, what..?
09. Birth date: April 17
10. Zodiac sign: Aries
11. Location: Pending
12. Hair color: Blonde (sometimes golden blonde, sometimes seems more dirty blonde)
13. Eye color: Cherub blue
14. Siblings: Uriah, Meg/Ducky/Eternity, Sam/ish (ehee)
15. Best friend(s): Hrm..

The ODDS side:
16. Favorite clothing item: Em.. ooh, my black gothy/poofy shirt, I suppose
17. Favorite hair style: I like it down, but it gets in the way--so I have a pony tail, usually
18. Favorite pair of shoes: I'm s'posed to have more than one..?

The PAST Side:
19. Thing you miss most: Hm.. not that I couldn't come up with anything, but I don't like to dwell on things.
20. If you could go back in time, where would you go: Eh, probably just visit some places I've already been to reminisce
21. Memory you would like to forget: ::head tilt:: Why..?
22. What'd you do yesterday: Yesterday was.. when?
23. Last person you talked to on the phone: ::ponder.. ponder:: I think Jana.. ya, that'd be it.
24. Last thing you said: ::scratches head:: Ah yes, I was talking about the 'wrongness' of the creamed spinach my mother was eating..
25. Last song you listened to: Dreams to Dream (from the Fievel Goes West OST)

28. TV show: Hm.. hard to say. Inuyasha maybe? Just 'cause it's my most recent addition to the favs list.
29. Song: I haven't officially changed it from Battleship Grey, by DJ Tiesto.
30. Color: Wait, lemme break out the random number generator..
31. Day of the week: Sunday. There's just somethin' about Sunday.
32. Month: October..? Hee.. why not. My other choice would be "Octember."
33. Holiday: It doesn't really matter.. as long as it's meaningful and fun (better yet; full of meaningful fun).
34. Number(s): Three is a recurring theme.. Seven's another nice one. (And sometimes five--I like odd numbers.)
35. Sport to play: Hm.. does sparring with the shinai count? It's my favorite, even though I only do it like once a year..
36. Sport to watch: Erm.. I don't.
37. Ice cream: Chocolate chip cookie dough... ::drool::
38. Candy: I.. actually don't eat much candy.
39. Channel: SciFi, I suppose? Though I love to keep an eye on the Discovery-and-friends channels.
41. Saturday Night Live quote: Ee.. never been a regular watcher.
42. Sports Team: Um.. not really.
43. Actor/Actress: Hm.. Ruffus Sewell? ::shrug::
44. Non-alcoholic drink: Tea..
46. Band/Singer: Damn you with making me choose! >*<
47. Movie: Oh, a bunch.. Shawshank Redemption, Dark City, The Matrix.. etc.

48. *N Sync OR BSB: No.
49. Peanut butter OR Jelly: Peanut butter.
50. Boxers OR Briefs: I, eh.. actually have never worn boxers.. (o*o) eheh..
51. Matt OR Ben: Eh.. Matt.
52. MTV OR VH1: Ew.
53. Apples OR Oranges: Tangerines! Muaha..
54. Vanilla OR Chocolate: White chocolate..! Nya!
55. Flowers OR Candy: Flowers make me sneeze.. candy makes me fat.. hello..?
56. Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: Never seen an episode of either; and never cared to.
57. Romantic, Comedy, Horror, OR other: Other
58. TV OR Radio: Television, I suppose..
59. Max and Liz OR Michael and Maria: Umm..?
60. Joey and Pacey OR Joey and Dawson: Er.. wait, that from the shows you were mentioning before?

61. Do you believe in angels: .. ::giggle fits::
62. Aliens: 'Course, silly. (^*^)
63. Heaven & Hell: I have never believed in Hell.
64. God: In alot of ways.. (^*^)
65. Yourself: I forget sometimes, but mostly.
66. Love at first Sight: It can happen.
67. True Love: It's a very fickled concept..
68. Soul Mates: 'Course.

69. Been on a plane: Yup, couple o' times. Gonna be on one again in two days.
70. Cried in public: I dunno.. I've spent most of my time bein' the quiet type, used to be that even crying in private was rare.
71. Climbed a tree: There's people who haven't..!? Dear gods..
72. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: How could you..?
73. Met a celebrity: Sure. If you only knew. ::chuckle::
74. Been scared to get a shot: Nah.
75. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: I still don't actually know what that is..
76. Skipped school: ::ponder:: Maybe..? I cut classes some in my senior year. But I mean.. it was typing.. I was always weeks ahead!
77. Gone out of the country: Not this lifetime. (Unless conception counts..?)

78. Bill Clinton: Sadly, the best president we've had in a while..
79. Dreams: Myau..?
80. Sex: Um.. no thanks.
81. Whipped Cream: Ooh.. (^*^)
82. South Park: Um..
83. Boy Bands: ::eye twitches:: Kill..
84. Guys: Eh.. sure.
85. Girls: Fun, but fickled.
86. Death: Yes..?

87. Dog/Cat: ::giggles::
88. Chocolate/Vanilla: Sure..
89. Pen/Pencil: Eh.. pencil normally, I suppose.
90. Boy/Girl: ::shudders:: Gender is a nasty thing..

92. Are you getting tired of this survey: Eh.. I'm bored, it's keeping me busy (while I wait for things to get started, today).
93. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Sometimes. If not actually with, he's always on the window sill which actually touches the bed. (^*^)
94. How many buddies do you have on your list: Between various screen names, multiple hundreds. But on my main, less than a hundred.
95. Do you like this survey: Eh.. why not.
96. One pillow or two, cotton or feather: Three; one cotton, two down. (^*^)
97. Last CD you bought: ::blinky:: Hm.. I, ah.. don't know. (o*O) Oh ya! Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron OST (as a gift, though.. but I like it).
98. Last movie you saw: In the theatre? Hm.. time is nonlinear in my brain, but I think it was Lilo & Stitch. Great movie. (^*^)
99. How long are you in the shower: 15-30 minutes, usually.. add a half hour to an hour if I'm soaking. More if I stay long enough to fall asleep.
100. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: Not in a long time.. usually like a cookie. Go around the edges, start eating the center--the back to the edges, and then center again. (^*^);
101. What does your screen name mean?: Ehee.. (^-^)
102. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous: Usually right.
103. What is on your mouse pad: Onna them semi-surreal oceanic pictures.
104. What is under your bed: I'm breeding an army of dust bunnies! Nyaha..
105. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop: I thought about counting once.. but I get distracted too easily.

106. Been Kissed: Of course.
107. Been In Love: Heh.. you have no idea.
108. Had Alcohol: Yes.. though I despise the stuff.
109. Done any kind of drug: Someone once force a 'shotgun' on me.. though I despise drugs; I didn't fight it, though--I was attracted to the person at the time.
110. Failed a grade: Nope.
111. Skipped a grade: Nah..
112. Sang and Danced while alone in your room: 'Course! (^*^)
113. Missed someone: Does that ever not happen..? But again, these days I don't dwell on the stuff.

114. Cried: Depends on how hard you mean, but I shed a tear earlier today (what was that song I was listening to..?).
115. Told someone not related to you that you love them: Hm.. two days ago. Though not a full two days.
116. You were on the phone: Aside from answer, I guess that would be Thursday (three days ago).
117. You laughed until you cried: Ooh.. not too long ago, I don't think..
118. You stayed home all weekend voluntarily: ::scratch head:: Voluntarily? Um...
119. What time is it now: 11:19 AM