Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Updates, Part I

So the past month has been Kasha going to New York City to visit with sixteenbynine, natmun, and datacat as well as attend New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con, which were held at the same time and location this year.  (They've always been held at the same location and ran by the same people, but usually they take place at different times.)  It was fun getting to spend time with people I rarely get to see (and also meeting natmun in person for the first time).  The trip was hectic and involved waking too early in the morning to catch public transit toward the BoltBus, which offers a $16 trip between Baltimore Pennsylvania Station and New York Pennsylvania Station.  I asked a couple of people waiting for a normal bus where I needed to be for the BoltBus, and they pointed me to the correct location at the other end of the street, thankfully, after having already spent a couple hours getting up early, collecting all my things, walking to a bus stop, riding to the Metro, riding into Baltimore, switching to the Light Rail, and having to walk to the next stop.

Arriving at NY Penn. Station meant recollecting my duffel and messenger bags to try and find access to the Long Island Rail Road, which was assisted by a poor woman who clearly wanted something from me as she kept reiterating how she felt it was good to help people out when they need it.  Upon showing me to the correct location so I could get to the next train on time, she asked if I $20 to spare so she could get her daughter and herself something to eat, and I gave her a $10 bill, not really having much on me, wanting to be suckered by a random person, or leaving myself broke.  The trip overall took about eight or nine hours, with sixteenbynine collecting me from the LIRR station near his home on Long Island and bringing me back to stay the night and meet natmun on the weekend.  We had plenty of too-long conversations that kept us awake longer than intended; he gave me a copy of Gödel, Escher, Bach he'd just gotten from a library yard sale; and we popped in the Blu-ray of Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, since he hadn't seen the new film franchise yet.  (Whatever you think about the old series and films, the new stuff is well worth a look.  FUNimation will be releasing the second film in North America next year.)

On Saturday the four of us met at Book-Off (natmun, sixteenbynine, and I traveling together to meet datacat at the store).  We all had fun perusing their albums, books, and manga, and Kasha purchased some volumes of Kino's Journey: the Beautiful World (キノの旅 -the Beautiful World-) as well as two missing volumes of Claymore in English.  We then ran to Kinokuniya for more booky goodness, where Kasha got two books on associative Kanji learning (using pictograms), a book on Japanese gestures, and a copy of the first volume of Claymore in Japanese to compare to the English version for translation purposes.  There was more gallivanting through a random comics shop, a famous and popular hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, and of course the usual visit to the Strand, where Kasha spent time inside for the first time ever after scouring the 48-cent rack outside, which involved getting a couple fantasy novels, a sci-fi novel based on EVE Online, and some books of real-life African stories, medieval commerce --- oh, and a copy of Homer's Iliad --- for under $4.

We all parted ways, Kasha following datacat home and becoming her seventh cat four the next couple weeks before Comic Con.  We watched a bunch of anime, including both Aim for the Top! (トップをねらえ!) series, a bit of Occult Acadamy, some Nanoha, et cetera, as well as taking a free class in Korean language.  Overall it was a fairly uneventful time, but it was largely peaceful and enjoyable --- apart from the regular catsplosions and Kasha catching a cold.

And that's all Kasha has the energy to say for now.  More later!

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