June 28th, 2004


ACT & Anime

Something wonderful recently. (^*^) Learned that Comcast Digital Cable's On Demand has the Anime Network. We don't even subscribe to the Anime Network.. but there it is. (^*^)' Yay..!

Had fun watching shows with Asuka.. happy birthday, crazy girl. (^*^) Sorry it didn't turn out as we expected, but at least we got to see each other, mya?

My ACT testing scores arrived today.. and it's better than ah was expecting. (^*^)

- Usage / Mechanics-- 13 (80%)
- Rhetorical Skills-- 17 (99%)
Score: 28 (91%)

- Pre-Algebra / Elementary Algebra-- 15 (89%)
- Algebra / Coordinate Geometry-- 12 (80%)
- Plane Geometry / Trigonometry-- 15 (95%)
Score: 27 (89%)

- Social Studies / Sciences-- 17 (99%)
- Arts / Literature-- 17 (97%)
Score: 32 (96%)

Score: 28 (95%)

COMPOSITE (Average): 29 (95%)

Woo..! (^*^) Time to collect the school transcripts, and work my way into college! Ya!

What's funny? Math is the part ah was worried about.. only because have never learned trigonometry. And then got my highest math score in trigonometry. :giggle: Goes to show ya.. am better off on my own, then being taught something. (^*^); ee..

Ah like how social studies was my highest score. Guess anthropology is a good area of study for me then, mya? (^*^)? ee.. even though it was just 'reading'.. but reading is a big part of anthropology, ee? Research.. so much research.

Work is beginning on Fear of Paradise. (http://www.miniverse.nu/fop/) It's a future- fantasy setting, which means lots of magic, and a little bit of science / pseudo- science / science fiction. In other words, fantasy with convenience science (such as technology that can animate dead bodies to produce a constant supply of blood). Fear of Paradise is a Limits of Infinity / Askanami production. (^*^)
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