December 3rd, 2004


Body and Soul

Many people refer to the idea, and may indeed be under the mistaken impression, that the soul exists within the body.

A man approached me in my dreams, once, to rant about this very topic.

For my own purposes, I am more inclined to use the terms "shell" and "spirit," than "body" and "soul." After all, each thing is just a body of another kind, much like an ocean is a body of water, the shell is a body of matter, and the spirit is a body of.. well, that's anyone's guess.

Also, the term "soul," for me, except in more casual conversations, refers to something a little different than one might expect.

So. People tend to believe, or at least convey the idea, that the soul or spirit exists within the body. However, this is inaccurate. Perhaps its born of slurs; unconscious, casual, conversational behaviors or the like. In any case, this man in my dreams approached me, and began to run on about how indeed, this is simply not the case. "It is the body," he says, "which exists within the soul!"

I soon realized he was correct, and woke up thinking, "Yes. Hm. That's true."

After all, the spirit is rather larger than the shell, if one is to compare its size at all; which can be difficult, since the spirit is not a material thing, or else we'd all be well aware of this already.

The shell -- or body -- then, is not a container or vehicle for the soul / spirit, but rather a kind of anchor. The large, commonly semi-spherical, pseudo-object that is an individual spirit or soul, bobs about, weighted to this place by its connection to the much denser, smaller, heavy object which is the shell it temporarily holds.

And I'm tired, and don't know why that resurfaced, but it went away as quick as it came.  (^*^);  :collapse:
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