December 26th, 2004


end of evening

The wiki is starting to come along.. it seems to read okay. Working on write functions. :noddy: Write now, there's an 'append' option, but actually submitting something doesn't do any good, 'cause the file for the script isn't uploaded (or ready) yet, ee.

Preview available:

And am feeling pretty okay, and sleepy.  (^*^)  Good stuff, good times. Feelin' okay is so much better than feelin' not-okay. :nod nod: Hope everyone's had good times, and have more in store for them!

We are what we think.

All that we are
arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts,
we make the world.

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Okay, have to think out this validation system better before attempting to write out the code. ee, Am trying to write the 'edit' script for the wiki. And it is definitely something that will require more planning, instead of writing on the fly..  (^*^);

Arg.. lessee.

If info (name/email/password) entered (manually or from cookie), check against database. If valid, and user is not blocked, submit entry to the 'edits' database, with corresponding user ID attached. If current IP has not been logged, log it. Check info against cookie: if no cookie, create; if mismatching cookie, delete and create new. If info mismatch against database, send error message. If user is blocked, send error message.

If no info entered (manually or from cookie), check IP against database. If IP attached to existing user, check if blocked. If user blocked, send error message. If not blocked, prompt for login. If login declined, create new user ID with IP address; attach new user ID to entry, and submit to 'edits' database. If IP not attached to existing user, create new user ID with IP address; attach new user ID to entry, and submit to 'edits' database. Create new cookie for user ID.

Am also thinking of overwriting cookies so they remain in the system.. deleting old, each time an entry is made, and replacing it with a new cookie, set to expire at a later date. User files will be editable (change name/email/password), once one is logged in (registration/login not required to use site.. info simply maintained on each user to keep people from abusing the site). The interesting thing will be users who do not enter information initially.. if they decide they want a name/email/password to post with.. how to change that, when they start with a blank user file? hrm..
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