December 29th, 2004


Doot doot..

Unfortunately no work on the wiki today. Had planned to get some done at some point.. but had postponed working on the UOnline system for Utopia Orbiting too much. So, some tedious work done on that. Mostly realizing that a lot of what was there for the existing system doesn't make much sense.. ee, at least not to anyone other than the person who made it.  (^*^);  It might make perfect sense if they were around to explain it maybe.. aa well.

Definitely hoping to get some work on the wiki done tomorrow. :nodnod: But also have some role play schedule, and some kidnapping too.. ee (am going to be kidnapped by mmsword an' de Robyn) And that is the most important thing, really..

Am truly excited at the idea of getting the wiki running, though.  (^*^)  It'll be fun! So long as people use it. And people will use it! They must.. ee, will have to make lots of people aware of it, so they can do so. :nod nod:

Have already changed the database over, to use the new IP linking system.. (where threads are strung together by IPs, and IPs and user IDs can be separately blocked in the system) just need to actually check over the code-in-progress to see what needs to be changed, and then finish writing it. After that, the first real tests of the system can begin.. ee

That'll probably take a while. At least, that's what am expecting. Who knows though, ah might actually have a clue what am doing.. :giggle: We'll see when the code is finished, and the first test is run. :nod:

For simplicities sake, actually have the code stored in a module (well, actually just an extra PHP file that doesn't print any real output, just a couple quick messages), which the posting page points to, sends information to, and the 'append.php' module than digests the information, and forwards you to the right place afterwards.. tha's the idea anyway, we'll see how it plays out later. ee

Figure it's simpler than trying to chuck too much code into a single file. :nod nod: This way, the code from the article viewer / appender can be separate from the actual code to add the 'edit' into the database. Makes my life easier, anyways, for now.  (^*^);  Especially for testing phase. :nod nod:

Have been doing a lot of nodding lately.. have decided, am just a bobble head. :bobble bobble: It is my function. :giggle:

Just as water cools both
good and bad
and washes away all
impurity and dust,
in the same way you should
develop thoughts of love for
friend and foe alike,
and having reached
perfection in love,
you will attain enlightenment.

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