January 4th, 2005


Time Sombrero

Brain no want to work! :cry: So spent day mostly vegetating.. and some napping, 'cause body was sooo cranky. oof.

Belly doesn't want to work any more than brain does, mya.

Although, my brain has been liking to come up with strange things lately.. like hypotheses on temporal physics. Which is funny, 'cause have never taken a physics class, or anything. Am curious to do research on seeing what theories on time already exist, and see how my ideas compare.. but brain went on strike today, so nonna that, mya.

Here's a sample of my chart for 'events', which by current definition, is basically a specific point in spacetime (IE, specific coordinates on the X, Y, Z, and T planes). Ah like to call it my Time Sombrero:

Fear my sombrero of time! ee..

Okie, is time for ni-night. :nod nod: