January 10th, 2005


In case you were bored.

(01:04:19) aekiy: Wow.. that's a really bad name for an insect.
(01:04:25) aekiy: Or, y'know, anything.
(01:04:56) mmsword: Wha?
(01:05:01) aekiy: "Cockchafer."
(01:05:26) mmsword: ...
(01:05:38) aekiy: It's apparently the name of a bug.
(01:06:34) aekiy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockchafer
(01:27:02) aekiy: They say the population has dwindled due to pesticides.. maybe we should start a cockchafer farm. And a short-lived line of denim pants.
(01:27:27) mmsword: Maybe... ... Or not.
(01:28:05) aekiy: But.. it could jump-start our plan to cheat the banks out of money, and live like kings in South America.
(01:28:35) mmsword: Very true... I bet we could get money from the government too
(01:28:51) aekiy: Oo! For population control?
(01:30:41) mmsword: Indeed!
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Cake or death?

So, my brother's drunken, panicked, house mate calls up, unable to form a sentence. Apparently, he (who was also drunk) had another fainting spell, and now his house mate thinks he's been having strokes. He claims his blood pressure is through the roof, and that he went to the bathroom a lot today, even though he hasn't eaten in the past five days. He thinks he's dying, but.. rather than call emergency, he's planning on making a sandwich.

Thousands of candles can be
lighted from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not
be shortened.

Happiness never decreases
by being shared.