January 16th, 2005



Another day of editing the website.. oof. pShift is coming along though.. no one visited the room today. Not a single post from anyone other than myself. Apparently, people do lurk in there sometimes, tho'.

Oog. Well, got a new infobox system working. Basically, going into the admin panel for the pShift site, not only can ya now post newsbits to show on the index page, you can post infobits to show up on any one of the pages. Basically, it'll just post a little blurb at the top of the selected page with an icon next to it (Info, Question, Exclamation, or 'Critical'; the usual Windows message icons).

So, not only can you have little infobits show up at the top of each page, there's also a page in the admin panel which lists them, and shows a little 'X' in the corner of each to delete it. Fun stuff.  (^*^);

Am really coming along with this PHP/MySQL stuff.. though am sure still have a long way to go. After all, the wiki's been sitting there 'cause ah never figured out just how ah want to do things.. ee, though have had some thoughts. Will have to come back to it soon, once pShift is running okay. So much stuff to do with it yet.

Of course, I'm still rotting away.. but, at lest am keeping myself occupied, and learning things?

The gift of   Truth
overcomes all gifts.
The joy of   Truth
overcomes all pleasures.
The taste of Truth
overcomes all sweetness.

The loss of desire
overcomes all sorrows.

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Just curious

Does anybody know about a book called Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau? Just curious 'cause my mom just got it in the mail. Wondering if it's worth a read or not.