January 23rd, 2005


It is very white outside

We have about eight inches of snow or so.. have not seen this much snow in what seems like an age.  (^*^)'

It'll be interesting to see how things play out.. thank goodness for having boots instead of sneakers. And it is good to have a big coat, even though it is not strictly a winter one.

Still have to call up the NJ Transit people, to check and make sure on my trip tomorrow. I'll have to catch a bus at 11:38, 12:08, or 12:38, am not sure which. I should maybe bring a book with me in case..

It is interesting how time sometimes plays out like a well-written story. Yesterday, I'd pestered my parents again about the need for a letter, and a utility bill in order to go to the clinic, and had suddenly gotten the impression I'd wake up and come downstairs to it today.

Time has been a thing on my mind for a while now.. not sure why. Last night I had a dream about time, and it started off with elements from both Star Trek (TNG) and Farscape. In the end, though, as my dreams sometimes do, it switched off to a different scene where I was being taught by some wiser man. He gave off the impression of being some sort of angelic, perhaps. That sort of "wisdom of age, but youth of eternity" thing. Could've been some sort of elfish, too.

Anyways, I'd received a letter from him asking me to come and meet him at a certain place and time. I met him there, and his purpose was to teach me about time. So while we were there together, he wrote me a letter, asking me to meet him there at the time I'd already arrived, and sent it off to me.

After this dream, I woke up, and understood what was happening. I wondered about my illness and my thoughts of time, and how they came about simultaneously. It was around when I'd first had the problem with my knee, back in April, that I thought up the idea for pShift (a world based on paradigm-shifts from alternate timelines collapsing in on each other). And I wonder if some day in the future, I'll have come to understand time more fully, and realize the importance of inflicting on my younger self this illness. And I think about how I'll probably be irrationally afraid of doing such a thing to me, even though I'd already know that it turns out alright.

And then I get out of bed, stop by the bathroom as always, and head downstairs. I walk into the living room, where my parents and older half-brother are lounging after breakfast, and there is my mother finishing the letter on one of her big, pink pads of paper. And I know it'll be alright.

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