February 11th, 2005


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Apart from some antibiotic side effects, I had a wonderful time this Wednesday / Thursday. Open study at rialian and helen99's went well. Was kidnapped by arxacies and kiarrith, and brought down to join. While there, got to meet rhiannasilel and lyssabard, and hang out with rejoicingapathy and some other folk whose LJ user names I do not know.  (^*^);  (Come to think of it, there were a couple people whose names I do not know in general..)

In any case, there were many things enjoyed, including conversation, AMVs, and book browsing. Oh, and very good cheesy garlicy bread stuff. And other food stuffs.. there was also, of course, much cuddling. And cuddling am good. My last cuddles were in August, at actingbunny's (this is too much fun.. not new, just fun. ee).. so it was very good to enjoy those again. :nod:

There was some quite good conversation.. covering so many different topics. Oh, we also did stop by a gaming store on the way.. and I found out that indeed, I must be quite the geek. Because I held a conversation with multiple people involving mostly talk of various scifi series and such.. till it was time to go. I don't know.. I think I'm still something else, and perhaps I have a few points in geekdom that come through sometimes when hanging around with other geeklikes.. ee

The company was very much enjoyed.. and also we got to see many interesting pets. Effectively countless between all the cats and mice and plants and lizards and snakes and millipedes and..

I have yet another person's permission to be Motoko when I grow up, in any case.  (^*^)  That makes a total of four people.. (mmsword, datacat, actingbunny and now rialian). I may have to fight helen99 for the role.. as she has already cos played as Kusanagi. However, perhaps I can simply take the role of Aramaki, instead of Kusanagi. (Kusanagi was the major in Section-9, a branch of the Japanese government.. she merged with Project-2501 to become Aramaki, who headed the investigative department of the multinational Poseidon Industrial corporation.) This is why I ask to be Motoko when I grow up.. and not specifically Kusanagi, ee.

Managed to get good things done on Thursday.. rialian drove me back up to New Jersey, and to my appointment at social services which he attended with me. We got good work done.. Rialian's input was very useful, and things are progressing nicely. My only need now is to find my birth certificate.. somehow (it seems to have vanished into the hidden realms of spacetime).

Friday is mostly rest and trying to find certificate.. (in the midst of which, managed to find a receipt thing for paying off an old traffic ticket.. which should be useful in trying to update my license). After only three hours of rest, fighting off allergies and trying to take care of things, much rest is good. Went to bed early (about 11:00) and got up feeling better.. probably have more catching up to do still. Nobody's open on weekends, so I guess that's what this'll be.. (in addition to continuing to hunt and try and produce a birth certificate).

It was very good to see everyone.. and am very thankful for the help (the arrangements, transporting, company, etc.). It will be good to see everyone more in the future.. hopefully sooner than later.
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PS-- Avalon is airing on the Action Channel tonight at midnight. Watch it! It has been highly recommended to me, and is directed by Mamoru Oshii. (Ghost in the Shell, GitS 2: Innocence, Tenshi no Tamago) It is about a virtual reality game that people play in the future; it is illegal and addictive, and apparently holds a secret for people to find.. which is part of the addiction for some. Read a review by sixteenbynine.