February 13th, 2005


On Conjure One

I guess I should've thought of this earlier, but I don't visit the website much or anything.. I guess it just never came to mind.  (^*^);

Good music: http://www.conjureone.com

I shall not describe it to you.. you shall click and see.

I originally found this music between a year / year and a half ago. The song "Center of the Sun" from this album is used in an anime music video, played to sequences from the anime film Metropolis. You may want to watch the movie before the AMV, because it has spoilers.. but the AMV should be available from animemusicvideos.org, that's where I got it from originally. (They have a decent search feature there).

Anyways, mmsword eventually found the album at a Best Buy in Daytona Beach (I think that's where he got it), and it is all so very good.. It has Po on it, for the curious. And Sinead O'Connor.. and other good things. :nod:

Now off for some dinner..

edit: Metropolis - Center of the Sun, by feanor
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