February 27th, 2005


i ching reading

I decided to do an I Ching reading. I did two.

First, with strong doubts and insecurities flooding my mind, I asked about accepting rialian and helen99's offer, and moving in with them temporarily.

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I interpret this to mean that I actually have more to offer than I think of myself as having. I interpret marriage to mean the union with other people--the friends I'll make from such a move. I interpret the transforming line as being my insecurity--that my feeling that I should not do this, and isolate myself, will do just that. Isolate me from people. And that I should move on, stop secluding myself, and break free of my insecurities.

I then asked what would result from my moving in with rialian and helen99.

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I interpret this to mean that the move would be very advantageous. Not only for myself, but for those I become involved with. And also that there is a strong opportunity for me to help others -- or someone else in particular. I think that it would be a very good move for me to do this. I think that it's going to happen.