March 22nd, 2005



A few results someone pointed out to me from Googlism.  (^*^);

> kash is distributed by us without any warranty
> kash is widely used in the number theory community in these days and one of the most popular and the most powerful number theory program packages
> kash is running on various os's
> kash is a soul singer
> kash is not a follower of any of the gods in this realm but of a different god
> kash is a program for computing in algebraic number fields and function fields
> kash is quickly ambushed but is able to fight back
> kash is the answer of paride lanciani
> kash is living in his own little world
> kash is the friendly shell
> kash is redeemable at our gas station
> kash is available in binary form for hp 7000
> kash is a new vetteam feature in development
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