August 9th, 2005



I know I gotta interview peoples still, just was so bad at doing my own interview, is difficult to come up with something for others. Have been too busy and tired lately.

Would appreciate not getting text messages on cell phone, though. It costs 10 cents a message to receive them, same to send. Which isn't so bad normally, but paying 10 cents to read "Mau." is particularly annoying (especially after mentioning this to people). Am just fairly easily put off some days.. (Today's kinna onna those days. Icky feeling all day..)

Got some 128 MB USB drives for Sandarei. She is pleased with them, now that they have been formatted.. $20 at Home Depot (where rialian found them). Good stuffs.. no frivolous spending money left till next paycheck (Friday). Well, $4, but y'know.. ee

Going to try and rest now.. prolly. We see.

If you're searching for truth, you must look in the mirror
And make sense of what you can see
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removable disk stuff

Am running Trillian and Semagic off of Removable Disk (E:) right now.. ee, they run a little slower, but it could be handy to carry certain things around. In particular Trillian, because you don't have to worry about setting up a profile on other computers, or downloading the software, and all your logs stay with you.. hee.

Plus, I could bring these things to work (so long as they don't interfere with my actual work). They already have AIM at work, but not Yahoo or such, so this could potentially be helpful. A copy of the driver program, KeyNote (a nifty little tree-style notes system), IrfanView, CCleaner (a nice computer cleaning program), ClamWin for viruses, Bazooka Scanner for spyware, etc.. hee. Am just being silly right now.

Wanted to make one of these drives secure.. suppose will do that with the other one. Am not sure entirely what that will entail software wise, but hopefully it'll just ask for a password when plugged into any computer or some such, mya?

By the way, when compressed all the materials from the Deliria CD do fit on one of these sticks (just barely). Which makes it much more portable than simply being on a CD..  (^*^)
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