March 30th, 2007

Loki Ragnarok

Lookie what I found!

Odd tangents at rhiannasilel's Friday social lead to discussing elements of Norse mythology. Thanks to Wikipedia, I found this: Japanese Tabbed-browser Sleipnir (for advanced users). Yes, a Japanese browser named after Odin's eight-legged horse. The company that makes it is Fenrir & Co. The browser is apparently known for being extremely customizable. I've just installed it and will try fiddling with it at some point when I'm more focused.  (^*^)

Menu Foods recall update

Apparently, the FDA found melamine in the wheat gluten from China. Melamine is not a likely cause of death or renal failure, but it was also found in the kidneys and urine of cats who'd eaten recalled foods. Melamine is known to cause kidney stones, cancer or reproductive damage. The New York State Department of Agriculture still stands by their finding of aminopterin, which would cause serious problems and has been known to be highly toxic for many decades, although the FDA claims not to have found any traces of it yet.

Currently, dry foods have been added to the list of recalls because the Chinese company distributing the contaminated wheat gluten had also distributed the wheat gluten to other dry food companies in China, and from what I've read so far a comprehensive list of which companies they distribute to has not yet been compiled. Sorry for lack of links, but I've been distracted and disorganized, so I lost track of where I got this information from. Combination of Wikipedia browsing and various news sites.