April 30th, 2007


Sooo sleeeepy..

oog.. summary.

Thursday night, had dinner with jarandhel to meet owner of townhouse with two spare rooms in it for each of us to potentially rent. jarandhel treated me, which was very nice, and we hung out for a while and chatted. Got back to work to finish something that arrived just before I got back in, so timing worked out well.

Friday, came to work early to get out early to head straight to New Jersey for the weekend to help my parents move. Parents weren't home, went to mmsword's place and hung out, had a little food, got a hold of parents, went home and got to bed late. Got up early in the morning for moving day.

mmsword and I moved electronic equipment from old house to new, going back and forth a few times. Felt sort of lonely for a while after mmsword and family left, having difficulty connecting to burly people who move large objects and drink beer. Hung out with mom and niece, something, something, crashed at some point.

Slept in a little Sunday, but not too much; checked DVD gift had gotten as housewarming present for parents in laptop; found many scratches on disc because of crappy casing; also noticed nearby wireless internet with strong signal (but secured). Wandered out of house -- parents had left earlier to pick up few remaining items from old house -- and called Janamom; was invited to stop by. Stopped by for a while, poked mmsword about DVD scratchies, was eventually navigated to video store which could fix disc; nice man gave new case for free.

Wandered around to recently flooded area which is being restored with fresh seeds and receding waters. Nice day; got chunk of pseudo-glass from previously existing nearby glass factory. On the way back, stopped by yard sale; got handy-work encyclopedia for $5. Also stopped by house that seemed to appear out of nowhere very briefly. Invited family out for dinner at lovely Japanese restaurant; unfortunately, parents couldn't make it, but was able to treat mmsword and family, having missed all their birthdays around the turn of the year, and recently gotten tax return. Got back to parents' new house late but managed to fit twin-sized bed in car (with lots of squishing and bungee). Stayed up late to watch gift DVD of Merrily We Live with parents for first time in.. many years.

Woke up almost two hours before alarm set on cell phone. Lay there for a while, not getting back to sleep and eventually decided to get up early and head out to have time to get home and drop off bed before work. Was delayed roughly an hour or so due to traffic on I-95 and 495; left parents' new house around 7:30, got to work around 12:45. Pooped.

Had strange thought complex while trying to sleep which involved creating an environmental / global systems science organization called Gaian Environmental Biologists (GEB), based around Gaia theory, systems theory, and a number of other things blending into a holistic view of the planet and working to help each of the individual subsystems better function..

Also, got call from waitress saying that her son is not comfortable with people moving in, so jarandhel and I will not be able to move there. Sad, sad.

Must finish work, go home and die.