February 26th, 2008


Clitoraid—no joke

Raelians Rocket from Clones to Clitorises @ Wired Science Discoveries

The cult's leader, Rael, whose real name is Claude Vorilhon, has become outraged by the custom of female genital cutting, the primarily African practice in which part of a girl's genitalia is sliced away.

Now the Raelian Movement has resolved to build a hospital in the West African country of Burkina Faso, where women could come to have their clitorises "reconstructed."

"Rael thought this is a crime against humanity," says Lara Terstenjak, a spokeswoman for Clitoraid, a nonprofit set up by the Raelians to sponsor genital surgeries.

Awesome movement.  Always happy to see crazy people doing good in the world.
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