October 7th, 2008


More updates from Kathryn Cramer's blog

I'm sure many of you have already seen this by now, but I just watched the short Keating Economics documentary produced by the Obama campaign (thanks to Kathryn Cramer's blog).  I already knew I didn't want to see McCain or Palin in office, particularly as the world faces what is arguably the worst economic crisis it has ever faced, but I had no idea that McCain was a quite literal criminal who's still out there to continue his bad behavior because the only feedback he got from his involvement in this other financial crisis was a stern talk.  It amazes me just how much these neoconservatives rely on the lack of public insight into their actions and the short-term nature of collective memory.

It's also disturbing how easily lying comes to them, no matter how blatant and ridiculous, and how much they've abused the binary political system to create an us-versus-them mentality and blame everything on democrats, as McCain's attorney John Dowd has done.  I suppose it is part of a long-running tradition for conspirators to blame their own evil on other nonexistent conspiracies.