October 29th, 2008


new attempts

I created an angelic race to counter the tieflings in the Diablo Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition campaign I started running for my friends in June, and I posted about them here.  At the time, none of us had played 4th Edition yet, and I'd only briefly tried to play D&D once before in a short campaign.  I've had a little more experience with it now, so I thought I'd try to redesign them based on what I've learned and the materials in the books, namely the angels in the Monster Manual.  I don't actually like the D&D versions of angels at all, but this seems to fit into the game more smoothly.

The various racial features listed are all taken from the Monster Manual angels.  The angelic manifestation feature is loosely based on the genasi's elemental manifestation feature in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and the powers are taken from powers the Monster Manual angels have.  I tried to diminish the strength of these powers to more closely match the powers granted to other races, and I think I did a pretty decent job, but I'm not terribly experienced with this.  This is one of a number of ways in which I'm attempting to practice a little game design and balance to get ideas for the game development I'd like to do.


"Creative visionaries and children of a divine influence on the world"

  Average Height
: 5'6" - 6'2"
  Average Weight: 130-210 lb.

  Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
  Size: Medium
  Speed: 7 squares
  Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Insight
Danger Sense: You gain a +2 bonus to initiative checks.
Radiant Resistance: You have resist radiant 5 + one-half your level.

Angelic Manifestation: Choose one angelic manifestation: battle, protection, valor, or vengeance. That manifestation is part of your nature. Each angelic manifestation provides an associated encounter power.
      Battle grants access to the mobile melee attack power. Protection grants access to the ward power. Valor grants access to the chosen foe power. Vengeance grants access to the sign of vengeance power.

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