November 15th, 2009


did I mention?

I got some blood drawn for tests the other day.  They are testing for a bunch of things.  I among them I know are tests for hepatitis, diabetes, HIV, and some sort of thyroid tests.  I am not sure beyond that; the doctor was scribbling a bunch of notes on a paper, but I didn't really see everything she was testing.  I do hope that the tests yield some kind of meaningful results, ones that aren't abjectly horrible, and ones that can lead to reasonable treatment that will help to improve my quality of life.

If my problem with processing sugar and starch turns out to be diabetes, that is at least a common sort of ailment that can be reasonably treated and possibly lead to increasing my dietary options.  A part of me is rooting for a positive diagnosis on that because otherwise I have no idea what my problem is and continue to be inexplicably ill without treatment for it.

She gave me a prescription for a multivitamin, which I will see about collecting but don't know if it will be good for me to take, given my digestive problems.  I also have some piece of paper that is supposed to help me get an eye examination and a new pair of glasses (the insurance will not pay for contacts, though I might look into buying myself some because I dislike glasses; obviously I will take the free glasses they give me).

Monday I am supposed to have an appointment with a counselor (or therapist; some people think they are synonymous while others think a counselor specifically deals with drug addiction and things; I don't know).  They didn't call me to confirm my appointment, so I'm a little concerned.  I was going to try calling them on Friday to confirm for myself, but instead I was in bed all day.  I will simply go there in the morning, since my appointment is early, and hope for the best on that I guess.

I do not know how things will go in terms of getting results for my blood tests.  They do not make appointments at the medical center; it is walk-in visits only, which can be very inconvenient.  I do not know if they will call me or anything.  And somewhere amid these things, I have to either get myself moved to the newly acquired house or get my stuff ready for my roommates to do that for me, since I will be leaving for New Jersey next weekend to spend time with friends and family for Thanksgiving as well as my dad's birthday afterward.

And.. I dunno. I guess that's it for now.
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Lyme disease in Canada

If this CTV News/W5 special report is any indication, problems with Lyme disease are even worse in Canada than they are in the United States, in terms of getting diagnosis and treatment, because doctors assume Lyme disease exists only in the use U.S., as if ticks couldn't possibly cross the border from New York to Ontario or so forth.

It is so upsetting to realize that medical doctors, who ought to have a great grasp of the complexity of biology and ecosystems, seem so often unable to fathom perfectly reasonable notions of disease spread and so quickly jump to the conclusion that psychiatric care is needed---a field in which they typically have little or no training.  This is a case where the human tendency to limit one's own perceptions and religiously maintain beliefs against evidence is truly a crime.

W5: Out of the Wild: Out of the Wild, part one

An illness like Lyme disease, that can be caught in the outdoors, should be a priority for Canadian doctors to diagnose. Instead, the tiny microbe is often missed and patients' complaints often dismissed.

Critics and Lyme disease sufferers say their illness isn't taken seriously enough and the 'ignorance' and 'arrogance' of Canadian health agencies has driven them to desperation.