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Friendsy stuff

No, I didn't mean "frenzy." =P

I've narrowed down my LiveJournal "Friends" list some. This is not supposed to mean anything significant for people that I've removed, really. I didn't do it because I decided I don't like those people or anything of the sort. It's a matter of trying to be polite.. some of these people, I had not actually asked for consent to add them. I was always under the impression that "Hey, journals are public, the functions there for a reason.. I wanna see what these people have to say." But, I'm trying to be more considerate, these days.

All too often I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, and just allow myself to slip into all sorts of silly mindsets by emping off of everyone. It's not something I consciously do--I'm an empath, it's in my nature. Well, I had emped so much at one point I exploded (in a quite literal, 'metaphysical' fashion--not just some emotional outburst or such). So now that I'm finally starting to rebuild myself [under construction==proceed with caution], I'm going to try working on giving myself a focus, and not just getting swept up in everything.

So, part of that is sort of 'resetting' a few things. Breaking off old ties.. (not in a brick-wall fashion, just.. letting go) and generally trying to take a new approach to things. I need to be more conscious, and less riding-the-roller-coaster-of-everyone-else's-patterns-y.

Anyway.. I'm gonna start paying attention to other things now, and should I get a reason to add people to my Friends list beyond simply "Hey, I think they're cool" so be it--I'll ask and make sure it's okay with them first from now on, though.

And in case you're wondering, the reason I'm on my own list is just so I don't have to bother checking my "Recent" page to look over my own posts (for grammatical errors, etc.). This way, I can just stick to viewing the Friends page.

And I'm leaving Rialian on my list, 'cause dammit, he tends to be a voice of wisdom amongst so much chaos.

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