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oh, did i mention..?

That day (read post on Sep. 24) where I was supposed to get my answer? Well, I didn't. Never got a call. Not on the day after, either. It wasn't until Thursday that I finally got a call from J. (rather than Milly), asking me why I wasn't there yet. ::chuckle:: Well.. after a bit of conversation, it was decided he'd get back to me on Friday, after making a call to someone that wasn't in office that day. I got the call Friday, telling me that the person still wasn't in, and wouldn't be until Monday.

So, I wasted some time, expecting not to get a call until Monday now. Well, late Saturday night (read: Sunday morning) I finally got a call from Milly. And I'm going to be moving in with them. I expect to be there by next Tuesday, but I can't be certain yet as to exactly what day I'll be leaving. I still have to arrange transport to the airport, as well as from the airport in Orlando, and I'm going to have to close my bank accounts as well.. not to mention go about saying my good byes.

((Side note: Have I mentioned the temperature's been dropping quite steadily these nights? *brrr*))

I would like to be able to see Patty.. but that's more than likely not feasible, unfortunately. We'll see. I'll e-mail her, maybe put in a call. And if I can't see her, I still have something to mail her at least..

I haven't decided what I'm going to do about Des just yet. For the past couple of months, we haven't been in contact, and I know she's been mentally demonizing me again. (Or at least, has done so within the period we haven't been communicating.) Still, I don't want to just leave without saying good bye. I'll work on figuring out what I'm going to do..

If I can see Robyn before I go, that would be nice. I will see Jana mom and Ken dad before going, one way or another. We'll work something out.

Off I go...

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