Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

fairy tail


Once upon a time there has a young JANITOR named SAM. He was STAIN BASKING in the SHINY forest when he met PHONY URIAH, a run-away CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE from the AGGRESSIVE Queen DUCKY.

SAM could see that PHONY URIAH was hungry so he reached into his BOWL and give him his GLASS CHEESE. PHONY URIAH was thankful for SAM's CHEESE, so he told SAM a very BULDGY story about Queen DUCKY's daughter 'KASH. How her mother, the AGGRESSIVE Queen DUCKY, kept her locked away in a HOSPITAL protected by a gigantic KANGAROO, because 'KASH was so PLASTIC.

SAM STONED. He vowed to PHONY URIAH the CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE that he would save the PLASTIC 'KASH. He would RUN the KANGAROO, and take 'KASH far away from her eveil mother, the AGGRESSIVE Queen DUCKY, and CLEAN her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a BIG STORM and PHONY URIAH the CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic KANGAROO from his story. AGGRESSIVE Queen DUCKY WRIGGLED out from behind a DESK and struck SAM dead. In the far off HOSPITAL you could hear a *BLERP!*.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com


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