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Creativy stuffles

Light work has begun on a possible Transformers (copyright Hasbro) game. This is a game being designed by members of the Gamer's Guild at the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University location in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The game so far looks to be a miniatures battle game, similar in essence to those produced by the ever popular Games Workshop. Although it will not quite follow the line of traditional such games (as Warhammer).

We are working for some originality, including (although in the same universe), a different setting than mainstream Transformers, new stories and characters, and an original game system itself including some role playing elements and nontraditional combat functionality. The focus so far is to keep relative simplicity while keeping the game fair and balanced. While many designers promise this, we hope to actually acheive it.

If this piques your interest, discussions and input are welcome. The game is not likely to see legal sale or publication, as the Transformers universe is owned by the Hasbro company with licenses to other companies for alternate merchandise production & distribution in foreign nations. However, the designs for now are being kept private to avoid having the ideas stolen by shameless outside parties.

The current forum for postings of design progress is a private grouping in this LiveJournal. Interest on the level of actual contribution will be required for access to said postings at this time. (It's give and take, not take and run.)

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