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Y'know.. as strange and mentally unfit for the perceivable world as I am, is a spooky thing to see other people being worse off than me. Um.. why would anyone create enemies? Look for conflict in what could otherwise be a peaceful life? Seems kind of silly.. watching people turn inner conflict into paranoia, which becomes outer conflict. Blaming other people for their self-inflicted turmoil.


'Course is it any more healthy to accept fault for anything? Maybe we should just be making do with things as they go, and moving on, rrrm? In any situation, isn't there an incalculable compilation of input? Making it impossible to honestly say 'this is to blame', or 'that' or 'they'.. So, so many things lead up to anything.. and well, keep going. There's really no 'event', just a continual stream of motion. But people decide to cut off flows, stop in the middle, latch on to the side.. we hold ourselves back that way, when we could be moving forward. Not that there is truly a way to move backward, but we can slow ourselves down ah think.. always acting as our own road blocks.

Hm.. small demonstration of my mentality. People think 'road block', they think obstruction--solved by destruction. 'Tear down the wall'. Others think of walking around, or telling it 'vade retro me' (naa.. s'not arrogance, just speculation). Me? I see a big ol' rock in front of me, and think 'hug the rock, give it love, roll over and fall on the other side. Dust off, look back, wink and wave, move along.'

Don' ask me.. strange mind have been given.

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