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Many stars, many songs

As we sleep while awake
And we wake while we rest
We remember things we've never seen
ever seen, always seen

And like the stars we burn away the miles

There's a star oh so far
While we drive in someone's car
Such a green or was it blue
And it sings come home, come home

And it feels.. And it feels like, Heaven's so far away

There's a place we've never been
Full of hope full of sin
And those people we recall
To ascend we far so fall

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world..

Such a love such a pride
Such a distance so we stride
These illusions in our mind
Full of peace so many times

There is nothing more appealing, than the thought that I could be.. enough

And if we could change a thing
Oh so many souls we've been
Many things we were made for
So wealthy yet so poor

Once again you use me, use me..

Now I they we
Can no longer see
so many thing we be
So many parts of me
or were they you
Have yet to be?

She may not be what she may seem, inside her shell..

And so we say what do we think
Are they so bold a mirrored wall
Away from all because we are
And now we be that distant star

I'm down to one last breath, and with it let me say..
Tags: memories, poetry, writing

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