Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

In My Dreams

I was Rogue.

Had just recently joined up with the X-Men.. who were still pretty young themselves at the time, as a group.

Remember off galivantin' with a couple o' people (Jean and.. some other girl, don't quite remember; plus a couple people that were just out an' about too). Told off some guy, Jack, who was upsetin' me.. and flew back to the institute. Had this little perch inside the building that would stay at, part of me hoping to just fall off and land on my head or something..

Anyway, then there was this excerise.. like a 'teamwork' kind of excersize or something, similar to the synch tests Shinji and Asuka had to go through so they could battle that one Angel. Jean and I were to play a duet on the piano.. and something wasn't quite right. We were off, or one of us was at least (prolly me).

It was okay though, Jean was really nice.. she really was Charles's prized student, and with good reason really. She was a kind and caring person, always doing her best to help everyone feel like family, instead of talkin' behind their back or somethin'..

They mentioned about the reviews, 'cause you got progress reviews every now and then.. and they said how the rule was, if it was your first review it couldn't be a bad one. And so Jean mentioned that I wouldn't have to worry about the bad names I'd called Jack or anything.. ee, and it made me smile, and I was hiding it behind my hand, but it was so funny that she'd made me smile, 'cause that wasn't somethin' most people could do.. and Xavier was there, and he smiled too. This goofy little skinny bald man in a wheelchair smile, ee.

We all had outfits, too. There was kind of a standard, though.. it wasn't like you had to have some funky costume, or it was all military like.. they just provided you with new clothes, since a lot o' the kids who ended up there didn't have much. Aside from the rich kids, we were all thrown out of our homes or somethin' similar.. Seemed to be a common leather / vinyl, form fitting things though. Maybe it was just a fad at the time. Wore all black, myself.. a kind of leathery / vinyl whatever it was ensemble of pants and a shirt that were both form fitting and loose at the same time, so they kinda took my shape but had that wrinkly look also. y'know.

Anyway, Jean did like wearing her pink shirts with the standard black pants. Storm was her usual.. hang out and be Stormy kinda self, ehe. She's always just had this.. thing about her, always seperate from the others in a way. Takin' charge, or whatever. Ah dunno.. s'her think, and she's okay I guess.

Xavier was such a goofball and a geek, it was silly. What a kook. They really did try to make me feel at home though, an' I respect them for that.. just, isn't easy thing to do for someone like me, is all. Wolverine was always there.. he was a smug, cocky, hunk of a sonvabitch, but he was a kind person really.. Ah dunno, always kinda felt some kinda connection there, but it wasn't one we ever talked about. The kind o' connection you just don't talk about.. Some peope liked to call 'im Logan to try an' be more personal. Wasn't like that for me though, I always felt callin' him Wolverine was more personal.. 'cause it was more personal to him than the name Logan on some level.

Anyway, I think was Jean who asked me about my real name.. and I paused for a while and just said Rogue. And I wonder if she thought I was just shy or somethin'.. the fact is, that was my name as far as I was concerned. 'Cause if I had a real name somewhere, I couldn't remember what it was.. and I was actually tryin' to think of it, and it just wouldn't come to me. Like there was so much goin' on in my head all the time that I didn't have a real name any more..

Guess I'll stop rantin' now.. people can have fun thinkin' a'm insane. Which is probably true. Oh well.
Tags: dreams, memories

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