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The love of war

People across the 'united states' are joyously gathering to face off against those whose stance is in opposition to their own. They carry signs either for or against homosexual union, shouting to the opposition "Jesus Christ" or "Equal Rights", while some were once under the impression that those two were the joined.

Aside from the obviousness that religion should never be used as a foundation for any such legal action, and the equally obvious fact that this has never kept people from doing so anyway.. am a little lost, still. Someone please point out to me the biblical passage which states "A man shall not become wed to a man, nor woman to woman." Or whatever equally relevant statement.

Please note those words: equally relevant. A small passage stating that 'a man shall not lay with a man as he would a woman' is not relevant to the topic of same-sex marriage, only to the topic of sexual relations (or so is assumed). (Again we disregard the issue of religion's total lack of relevance to these issues from a legal standpoint.)

People making so many assumptions.. based on such a ridiculous notion of a passage which suggests that while gay sex is a sin, lesbian sex is okay, not to mention sodomy--as long as it's with a woman, and not between too men. Ever stop to think that maybe the point of the passage was simply the fact that lust is the sin, not the love of a man for a man, and that anal sex is just unhealthy for you, and not what the orifice was meant for?

Y'know.. can't stand being judgmental in any sense. But why are people so stupid? Who the **** does it hurt? Where is the harm in two people of the same sex expressing their love for each other by the union of marriage, and receiving the same legal benefits as those of opposite sex sharing the same union? What the **** is wrong with you religious fanatics? Why do you find peace in war? Why do you love to hate so much? Why the **** can't you live by the principles of your own damn religious texts?


PS--I'm sorry.. just, can't stand watching the world that people make for themselves.. mrr

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