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Posting - we don't do this often

We feel like posting, yet don't have much to say. Which is unusually, 'cause much of the time we have a lot that could be said, and just don't say these things. Not feeling the need to speak is normal. We speak when spoken to. We are not royalty. We just have many people in our head.

No, we are not a 'multiple', nor do we have D.I.D. We just for some reason have copies of people we come into contact with stored in our brain.

We are waiting for Price of the Stars, Starpilot's Grave, and By Honor Betray'D to arrive in the mail. These are the first three novels in the Mageworld series of novels written by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald. They were recommended to us by IMC (Illusionary Minds Chat) user 'Kes' (who is interested in starting a role playing chat room based on the series), and look fairly promising. They were also only $0.75 each on half.com. (^*^)

We are tired, tonight.. just enough to actually get some rest. Tonight there were guests at the house, and they were all drinking and smoking and having a grande time, while we sat in our corners and made cracks to watch the people laugh. We spent many hours doing this, and also ate too much, and danced, and had sugar which makes us low instead of high. (On a physical energy level, not a mental or emotional level.)

We are sitting and listening to the Vision of Escaflowne soundtrack, enjoying the music, and staring back and forth between the 'Brad Fitz' LiveJournal client and the Internet Explorer window displaying the front page of half.com, which is showing a few recommendations.. and considering the possibilty of Stars Asunder, which is another book of the Mageworld series. It isn't the next in the order, but is only $0.75, while the fourth book The Gathering Flame is at lowest $2.29.

Glad to be tired, and wondering what the next day will bring, we look forward to finishing up our post and finding the bed to relax in. We hope to some day work up the inspiration and technique to write a full novel--not necessarily lengthy, and not necessarily profound, but one to be published and read and appreciated, and to show that we can do this.

We have hope for the future, despite our shortcomings.. and hope to find work, though we are lost when it comes to the 'simple' things like finding a job, and moving forward with the economic parts of life. We shall see how things will go..

Forever Love, Forever Dream

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