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Book 3 of the Mageworld series arrived. Books 1 and 2 haven't arrived yet. ;*; Want to start reading! :schnif:

It is in good condition, too. Definitely worth the $0.75, even with the shipping. (^*^); Waaa..!

Am really building up some energy for creative uses.. hoping to get something out of reading these books, to help inspire me and learn what kind of writing style and techniques suit me an' stuff. (^*^)' mrar.. am all antsy. There are sooo many stories in my head, it's always such a pickle figuring out what to go with. Could really use a writing partner.. someone to co-author a book or series of books with. That'd be so great, someone to help keep me focused on a project, 'cause otherwise have the tendency to wander to other ideas.. (^*^);

In other news, organized a Winamp playlist of all my electronic, or at least partly / notably electronic music, and found myself to have over 22 hours of music in the new 'electronica' playlist. (^*^); ee.. fun, makes me happy. Will have to start making party mixes! ee.. hook this baby up to a good speaker system, that'd be fun.. hee

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