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Dreamy things

Craaazy dreams.. coulda been onna them classic scifi satires or something.

I'm driving around with my friend Eric. He's driving, I'm in the passenger side of his little car. We're lost. I don't even remember where we were going, but we're lost. We're out in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road, with nothing but some trees and shrubs around, maybe a railroad here and there.

We stop at this place. The only place around, seems like. We pulled off to the side of this dirt road, where we can see there's work being done, and there's a building hiding behind some of the trees, a construction place or a factory of some kind. There are people all around hauling things, working on the train carts and things. Doesn't matter what's going on, we just need to find where we are, and figure out where we're going.

We go inside, looking for help, and the place is big. Almost uncannily so, puts a Sam's Club to shame. We start walking up this staircase, and start traveling the building looking for someone who can help us, and pretty quickly get lost. It isn't long before we're separated either, so I end up spending my time half looking for a way out, or to figure out where I am inside the building, and half looking for my friend.

A long puzzle of mazes inside a building that seems an awful lot bigger on the inside than it did on the outside later, and eventually catch up with Eric and manage to find a way back to the beginning. Oh, what's weird about this place? They make synthetic people. Some are just machines with a human- looking coating, some are a little more complex. But they're all artificial, not actual people. At some point, met up with this girl who looked like a young Drew Barrymore. She was a synthetic, but she had some secrets. And she had a name. Eric, unfortunately.. didn't make it out on his own. He ended up jumping off this stairway and landing - splatting - several stories below.

We made it out, the girl and I, and we met up with some of the others--other machine- people that had taken on names. Oh, another part of it was that no one believed I was human. They all presumed I was a machine like everyone else there. Same with Eric. Well, when we met up with the machines who had names, one of them introduced himself and also said his number (which machines were labeled by, they had numbers like humans have names- some of them just chose to take names on their own in addition to numbers, which were already like names to them) was "4.4.5". They asked what my number was.. "Well actually, I've never had one." "Oh, yeah right.. sure." "No, really.. but sshhhh." And the bunch of machine- people all stared at me with wonder, but figuring I was just a story teller. Which still made them fascinated.

The girl and I, we had went crawling through ducts and escaped the compound, taking off our pants and walking around in underwear in order to keep the people from figuring us as robots. Doing something like that meant we must be human, because it was highly irregular, so we managed to escape on that principle.

We found that Eric was 'restored'.. the people rebuilt him, into a machine. So he was okay, healthwise, but he wasn't Eric any more, because he was a machine. And the girl and I ran away together.. happily ever after™.

Hm.. not a very good telling. The story actually played out well, and made more sense than that. Still, should be easy for anyone who knows me to figure out. An' not really difficult for anyone who knows their psychology.. mrar
Tags: dreams

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