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Sorry, guys. Ah just realize have been going dormant for some time now. (^*^);

It's a New Jersey thing.. think brine shrimp out of water. Being in not- the- right environment does that to me, mya. Have been getting gradually worse since leaving Florida.

The weekend New York mini- gather was great. (^*^)

Sooo much cuddling.. even if it was bad for me. (^*^); Good people, good stuff.

Too much alcohol.. oof. Just sips of things, but so maaany things.. am very much a light weight. (^*^);

Have come to realize that ah tend to do less and less the more ah don't feel healthy. And unfortunately, as long as am in Jersey, ah don't feel healthy, mya. So.. that can lead to a bad situation. Like doing nothing to improve my life, mya.

Anyways.. ah dunno, ah still don't get why people are so nice to me. (^*^); The weekend was great, the company was great, the food was great-- ah love communal eating. (^*^) The Ethiopian restaurant was really cool.. and communal pancakes! Those are just the best.. (^*^)'

Is still just strange that people ah don't even know all that well (just from gathers, not from talking daily for a few years) would be so nice to me.. ee, is unusual. (^*^); And so very much appreciated..

Have to work out the mini- gather here thing. We'll see.. Would be best to have it sometime in August, before Chris goes to Florida, and whenever my parents will either be okay with it or not around. That might be a little much to ask for.. (^*^); ee.. will figure out something, anyway, mya?

Unfortunately my laptop is offline for now.. called tech support, tried a bunch of things, they kinna said 'Ya, you're modem's shot. And unfortunately your warranty expired two weeks ago.' Mrr.. rar

So am stuck on my parents' computer for now.. rar, am not fond of imposing, y'know? Ah don't even like being here.. but aa well. Miao.

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