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Tuesday night, post nasal drip.
Wednesday, soar throat / lacking voice.
Thursday, sooo many sneezes..

Well, the modem is working.. Sandarei is online.  (^*^)

Turns out it was just the surge protector causing a problem. The wires all work fine, the modem works.. the surge protector's phone line connector no longer functions. So.. am gonna be without that for a while. Hopefully my modem will survive?

Meantime, have spent the day updating software.. downloading new software, and streamlining Sandarei's performance. (Disabling startup programs, adjusting services, and working for 'performance first, appearance later', mya)

Downloaded the Semagic (ljwin32_sema) LiveJournal client, and am using it for the first time now.  (^*^);  Is interesting, but wouldn't necessarily recommend it for anyone used to using the old Visions (lj_win32) client, mya. Is more complex, and has a lot more on the screen at once. Could make someone's eyes go googly.  (^*^);  Nicely full of options though.. mya.

Is so sad that all my good thoughts come when am nowhere near LJ.  (^*^):  Doesn't help to be ill, mya. Makes brain go "no.. reserving reserving energy for other things," ee

Anyways.. miao. G'night, s'pose?

(somebody give me a topic sometime ^*^);

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