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Sandan Tuate

A little while ago (some days, maybe a week or two), my mind started rolling over another world. One of so many.. (^*^);

The world is one where magic and technology are almost indistinguishable. Like magic is channeled through technology which was specifically designed for that purpose.. that sort of thing. The things coexist in perfect harmony, in symbiosis.

Am not sure whether this is part of the distant past, or the 'present' of the world in mind. Am thinking it may be both.. but that in the distant past, it was more prominent. The magi tech combination was around for ages, perfected you might say.. before whatever happened to change that. Where in the 'present', this state of magi tech is a more relatively recent development.

Now, realize that we're talking on the scale of many millennia here, so.. by 'recent', that may be a matter of centuries or something. (^*^) Am not sure.. is 'recent' on a relative scale of the world's history..

Okay, so.. ah haven't gotten much that can be worded yet. There's some vague / abstract concepts and some images in my mind. Not much to describe to you.. but one word that became attached with it almost instantly. "Sandan Tuate." Am not sure how to type that correctly.. SandanTuate, SanDan Tua'Te.. you get the idea, though. (^*^) (sahn-dahn too-ah-tay)

The word--in my mind--is associated with a struggle, a time of great strife.. whether it was an actual war, or something more similar to the 'Great Depression'.. am not sure. Either way, war of some kind was probably involved. Going by my impressions, perhaps the Sandan Tuate was the time of strife which followed the war.. who knows.

It is an interesting thing though.. to have this world floating in my mind, will perhaps see more of it one day. (^*^) This is not a new phenomenon particularly, but a welcome and interesting one. Unlike with people, when there are worlds in my mind, they make for very peaceful company. (^*^)

Lately, ah haven't been quite right. ee.. My shell has been awkward and in pain. Weird kinds of pain.. more like discomfort mostly. Outright pain ah can handle, the awkward discomforts are a little much to bear sometimes.. mya.

My mind has also been a little chaotic.. have been trying to stabilize. Working slowly.. we'll see how things go. Maybe am just still digesting things from the NY mini gather.. Ah tend to throw myself in the thick of things, and then have to spend a couple of weeks making things better.  (^*^);  Am very sensitive like that.. My system requires much time and / or effort to readjust and balance. It needs a checkup now and then.. ee

Ah really need some arm length gloves.. that'd be really good. And maybe some sort of effective collar.. will have to look into that. You know, things to cover the skin so as not to be a problem.. then can cuddle all ah want, without the repercussions.  (^*^)  Just gotta watch out for the nuzzlin'.. ee

Things are awkward between Asuka and myself today.. they've probably been awkward for a while now. My own being off balance doesn't help things.. and anyway, that's what you get when you have two people that are essentially polar opposites, if such a thing exists.  (^*^);  It's one of those "opposite end of the same spectrum" things, s'pose? Maybe.. we'll see. Anyway.. we can get along. We've seen that.. we just have to make sure to find the right balance, and not grate on each other's nerves and stuff.  (^*^)'

Ah love her.. always will. And ah have a feeling that is reciprocated.  (^*^)  We just have to work out our social quirks, and see how things go.

Ah gotta remember not to take things so heavily.. sometimes, it just happens. Mostly while in Jersey.. something about being in Jersey just grates on my nerves, and really my whole system. Is just a thing.. is not the right environment for me, someone transplant me back into somewhere more sunny and marshy.  (^*^)'

Ah gotta work more with cycling my energies.. and not holding on to things, just letting things flow.  (^*^)  Ah was really good at that in Florida, ah've just been slackin' here in Jersey.  (^*^);  Another bad pattern.. ee

Time to start working more.. getting back into that. Applying for college.. have to call the admissions office, ask some questions, get some info sent to me, etc.

Is time to start handling my own, personal Tuate.  (^*^)


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Jul. 27th, 2004 04:48 pm (UTC)
sensitive in how?
curious and..
so's i can make mental notes..
Jul. 27th, 2004 05:23 pm (UTC)
Is a contact thing.. (^*^); My system reels in information.. and things, ah end up taking on traits from other people ah come into contact with and stuff sometimes (when am not of a clear mind). Too much contact leads to much instability. (^*^);

If you're familiar with the X-Men, think of Rogue.. except that, so far ah haven't put anyone in a coma. (^*^):
Jul. 27th, 2004 09:58 pm (UTC)
Are you sure you've never really played FF VI? *eyes him suspiciously* ^_^ The new world sounds really good; just to note, I like the simplist version of the name, Sandan Tuate, personally. The others seem too...flashy. But this is coming from the girl with the Ana'aea'aek and the Ma'a'ailk, so, yeah. ^_~
Jul. 27th, 2004 11:38 pm (UTC)
ee.. :giggle: Ah agree with you, though. (^*^) Is why ah spelled it that way in the title.. ee

And no.. have never seen it. All ah know about the game is "Kefka".. apparently one of Final Fantasies greatest villians, right up there with Sephiroth. That's about it.. no idea who Kefka is, what he does. Just the name.. and that he's crazy. (^*^);
Jul. 28th, 2004 06:54 am (UTC)
*griins a bit* Hehe, Sephiroth would end up dusting the sand off Kefka's boots. "What kind of moron builds his castle in the middle of a desert??" Or something like that...0.o
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