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Well, my mother's official response to the proposal of holding a mini gather here has so far been "tents in the yard." ee..

It's not a "no," so if we work out (a) date(s) am sure that will be fine. (^*^) She just doesn't want too many people in the house for a weekend.

We do have a guest bedroom, which could comfortably fit three people. And of course would be willing to lend out this bedroom for anyone who needs it. (^*^) Am perfectly fine with taking up a couch, or sharing space, or whatever works.

The goal is to hold it before the end of August. End of August, mmsword goes back to Florida for college, and ah wouldn't want him to miss out. Also, he's a much more avid gamer than me. Am into games-- enjoy playing them-- but he's the one who's an official member of the Gamer's Guild in college (vice president, think?) and has a lot more experience than me. (a lot, a lot)

Which is notable because people were talking about getting together and gaming. (^*^)' Have never played Shadowrun myself, but would be curious to try. He's played several times, and enjoys it muchly. He also lives about 10 - 15 minutes from here, so mya.

So Ri, Lissa, Jade, Ben, Bunny, everybody? Questions / comments / notations?  (^*^)?  Would like to know who could potentially make it, and around when would be the best time to set things up. This would also be my first attempt at actually hosting a gather of any kind, so any advice that- a- ways would be helpful, too.  (^*^)'

Thanks in advance.

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