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Gmail so far seems awesome. Ah can't wait to start using it more. (^*^)'

The thing is, ah don't exchange emails with people that often. In fact, almost every email ah get is automated. So it makes properly testing Google's Gmail beta a little, well, tedious? It's just not fun enough. (^*^)

So for anyone out there who would like to send me an email, my user name is kasha.re. You can figure out the rest, ee.

:eyes internet suspiciously, checking for spam bots:

Seriously, though. 1000 megabytes of storage. Ah mean, dang. That alone though, is just a small thing that happens to be very nice.  (^*^)

It really is a whole new way of doing email, deserving of it's own name (gmail). Ah love it. Aside from the obviousness of incorporating the Google search engine to search through your bulk of emails, they have these nifty little features to make things more interesting and manageable.  (^*^)'

For instance, instead of creating folders, you can create 'labels'. This is actually pretty similar to how you can create 'memories' in LiveJournal. You list a bunch of words that describes a particular email (or just one; or none if you're lazy). Then you get this 'Labels' list on a side panel, and if you click one of the words in that list, you get all emails that have had that label applied to it. You don't just type in random words like with LiveJournal; You actually create labels to be applied to emails. So when you're reading an email, there's a little drop- down list of different labels you can use, including the option to create a new label for it.  (^*^)

Aside from this, emails are grouped as 'conversations'. So whenever you're reading or writing an email that's in reply to a previous one, the previous emails either sent or received will be stacked on top of each other above what you're reading / writing. So it looks sorta like this:

*[name: portion of message ... time stamp (how long ago)]
*[name: portion of message ... time stamp (how long ago)]
*name to name               time stamp (how long ago)

This is so great, because you don't have to go searching for emails with similar headings or anything. They're right there, all the time.  (^*^)'

Another thing you can do, is 'star' a conversation. This marks it as an important thing you want to keep an eye on. So if a new message arrives in your Inbox with a Star on it, you can click on that one first to see what's up.

Again, instead of using folders to separate things, it simply works off filters, like any good database should.  (^*^)

So you have a side panel that lists Inbox, Starred *, Sent Mail, All Mail, Spam, and Trash. All these are pretty obvious. 'All Mail' will show you all your mail, including Inbox, Starred, Sent.. etc.

The only thing you do, if you want messages out of your Inbox, is click 'Archive' on the particular message. Clicking 'All Mail' will include things from the Archive, instead of specifically new / inbox mail, or sent mail.

So while ah may sound like an advertisement right now, it just honestly excites me just how nifty this thing is.  (^*^)::  Ah want to use it more!! ee..

My next project will have to be to start using LiveJournal's "To-Do List" feature.. ee

Maybe it'll help me get things done.  (^*^);

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