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Strings and gravity and membranes, oh my!

So ah just had my first introduction to string theory, super gravitational theory, and M / membrane theory, all in one little special on The Science Channel. It was pretty craptacular! ee.. It honestly coulda been half as long if it weren't for the useless stuff they chuck in between actual information.

My goodness, people are just mad. ee.. wow. All this poop about infinite universes, universes colliding to create a 'big bang', 11 dimensions, where all things seem to stem from the eleventh and cascade down, and thus things like gravity gets reduced and becomes relatively ineffective by the time it comes down to our level of the universe.. mrr.

It just seems to me like people have found a way to let their brains slip out, and still be accepted into the scientific community because there's always some way to make a theorem work. You just have to keep reworking the equations until they come out right, mya.

O' course, this was a Science Channel special.. so ya kinna end up with very little science, and a lot of metaphors and things instead. But y'know.. it just strikes me as bein' not much different from the average random concepts you get amongst cheesy, new ager / pagan / 'kin type folk. The kinda thing that comes from stressing the importance of having an open mind, without stressing the importance of being well- grounded in observable reality.

Anyways.. ah dunno. All the theories they come up with these days, and the ways they come up with them, it almost seems more like people are more interested in making theories work, instead of figuring out how reality works.

Tha's probably nothing new, though.

On a completely unrelated note, it always sucks not being able to contact someone you care dearly about.. mph. Am not allowed to call.. will get in trouble with her parents. Ah just want to say, "I love you, good night."

Love you, Asuka.  (^*^)  Talk to you tomorrow..

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