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Oof. My allergies are really getting to me today. Not the only one, apparently. My allergies can just get pretty powerful. (The sneezing, it just won't stop!)

I blame it on aska_langley, 'cause she specifically said before that everything is because of her butt. Told her it must be pollinating. She didn't want to go there.. because it leads to topics of cross pollination, and little Askanami butts running around everywhere.


Have been trying to get something together for some sort of project. Probably the design for a game of some sort, though things aren't 100% on that (maybe about 86% or so). Trying to get people to work together really is a bit like herding cats. (Of course, this goes doubly so when some of the people are kitties.) It requires somebody to take charge, and that normally isn't my sort of thing. Ah mean, it happens sometimes, but only out of need. It isn't the kind of role I fancy, or anything.  (^*^);

Anyways.. have some thoughts myself. One of my proposals is definitely going to be pShift, 'cause there's already been a decent amount of work put in on it, and why not?  (^*^)?  Another probably is going to be this silly idea for a web-based RPG. Web based in a couple of ways: firstly, in that it'd be a game you can play through your browser; secondly, in that the setting itself would involve characters that exist on the worldwide web (similar to the third season of Reboot). Hehee.

So finally, as of yesterday, the college has received my full transcript. Foof. Took long enough. So now we can spend the next couple of weeks wondering about how things are going, and seeing what happens. It looks like they're putting me as non-resident for tuition purposes. Aa well.. myr. Means more money, but possibly more opportunity for grants an' things.

Y'know, for observation's sake, like to play through some games and see what there is to see. What kind of things to take notes on, good examples and not so good ones. Been playing Diablo (the first one) the past couple of days, and seeing the serious balance issues in that game. Honestly, the Sorcerer is so much more difficult to play than the Warrior or Rogue. (Guess who's my favorite? ^*^)

With his Strength limitations, he can't wear the best armors. He also is not proficient in weapons combat, which is obvious. So he has to rely on magic; the thing is, relying on magic is more dangerous for a number of reasons. You have different kinds of magic: fire, lightning, 'holy', etc. And for each of these types of magic, there are a variety of creatures that have resistances, or sometimes immunities to them. Nobody's immune, or even resistant to a physical weapon in the game. So the Warrior and Rogue are going to have a fairly easy time with hacking things up. (The Rogue having more maneuverability and speed of attack, while the Warrior just does more straight out damage.) The poor Sorcerer has to put up with toggling spells on the time to handle different enemies. For instance, the same room might contain a bunch of Fire Clan (goatmen, resistant to fire) and those little Winged Fiends (forget the name, they hang out in the Catacombs mostly, and shoot lightning--of course also being resistant to it).

So, there you are left with shooting Charged Bolt (or better if you have it) at the Goatmen, and Firebolt at the Winged Fiends, and having to decide who needs to die first. They both do mid-range damage, so it's mostly a decision based on "who swarms you first." With a Rogue, you just shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot. With a Warrior, you slash-hack-hack-slash-slash. With a Sorcerer, you have to fire-fire-fire-fire-zot-zot-zot-fire-fire-zot-zot-zot-zot-fire-fire. Or something to that effect. There's no helping you if you get surrounded, unless you happen to already have Flash, or a Staff of Flash, or something. Chain Lightning might be nice too, only these things won't work very well against Lightning resistance or immune creatures, of course. So if you get surrounded by those types, you're dead. Unless you have lots of rejuvenation potions, or something.

Also, equipment for a Sorcerer is much more expensive. Buying staves and spell books runs up a high bill, even if you are more likely to get those sorts of items while playing the Sorcerer than as the other two classes. Mana potions can be surprisingly scarce, even though they do drop more often than health potions for this class.

Oh, and don't even bother with the staff recharge skill the Sorcerer has. It's described as recharging a staff, leaving it with 'slightly less maximum charges', but recharging a 45 charge Staff of Charged Bolt to a maximum of 20 charges is not what categorizes as "slight," for me.

And wow, some of the randomizers in this game are pretty random. Damage and To-Hit randomizers can be insane. You could save and reload the game at the same spot, and keep playing it over for experimentation. One time, you'll hit and miss pretty evenly, and hits will do mediocre damage. Other times, you'll miss until you die. Still more times, you'll die in only two or three hits instead of the normal 5+. And occasionally, you might kill the same creatures in about 5 shots or so, while others it could take 20. All these things are very important when put together, and unfortunately there is no real sense of balance when this happens. You could end up with the worst of luck on all these things more often than should be acceptable.

Another thing about playing as the Sorcerer is that, in many cases, if a creature is moving, you can't hit it. A creature has to be walking in a straight angle toward you (90° / 12:00 direction), in order for a spell to hit it while moving. If they're moving in from say a 45° angle, you'll miss every time. Don't waste the mana, just either run or wait for it to reach you, if you're sure you can survive.

Anyways.. enough rambling about game mechanics. Thank goodness they balanced things better in Diablo II, although they still rely way too much on equipment in that game. Just some observations to take into account when doing any sort of designing myself.  (^*^);

Wow, ah guess this post turned out to be pretty long, after not having posted in some time. Should probably post more regularly, mya?  (^*^)?  Get some of my thoughts outside of myself, instead of being so darn introspective / reclusive.


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