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The Incredibles

Best, superhero movie, ever!  (^*^)

If you haven't watched it, what're you waiting for? Go, go, go! ee

Can't wait to see that movie again. It's probably gonna be in the theatres for a long time, though! It was so good.

Animation: Great. It was in just the right place for what it was. It wasn't too much or too little anything--it's exactly what a comedic animated superhero film should be!

Story: Fun and adventurous! It had just the right blend of originality and classic superhero elements. There was certainly more 'classic elements' than there was originality, but you could tell that was the point; and it all blended together so seamlessly, it really felt like its own story.

Family gauge: Good! This is what family entertainment ought to be. There's nothing crude that would make you question whether you want the little ones to see it--like some cartoons have done, by adding in 'adult humor'--but it also won't leave the adults bored. It really does have an even amount of amusement for every member of the family to enjoy.

Came home last night with a smile on my face, a bounce in my step, and feeling like it'll be great to see that movie again sometime! This is the best superhero movie have seen.  (^*^)

In the meantime, that silly "Holding Out for a Hero" song from the climax of Shrek 2 has been going through my had the past couple of days.  (^*^);  Watched the movie Friday, and then again Saturday; parents had fallen asleep watching it the first time, ee.

That song is just the greatest for a climactic action scene for a movie. Remember originally hearing it (the Bonnie Tyler version) in Short Circuit 2, but the remix Jennifer Sanders version used in Shrek 2 was definitely awesome. Fit the film and scene really well.  (*=D)  Of course, only have the Frou Frou addition used in the ending credits.. need to get a hold of the Jennifer Saunders version. :noddly nod:

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